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Book Female Sensual Massage Online Near Me

Book Female Sensual Massage Online Near Me

 How to Schedule

a Female Sensual,




Genital Massage

in Seattle

(yes, Really!)


How to schedule a female sensual massage

Interested in scheduling a Female Sensual, Erotic or Yoni Massage?


Ladies, after agreeing to all the legalese I have to post to keep this legal, you will be presented with some purple buttons.  With one of these purple  buttons below, you can look at Rocky’s Schedule and see what days and times are available and correspond with your schedule. If you find a time you like you can select it and schedule your session. You will then get an email that will enable you to cancel or reschedule up to 24 hours before our appointment.


What does a Female  Sensual Massage cost? Please Read – Very Important


Putting a dollar figure on a massage where you might be looking for genital contact, puts us perilously close to being in illegal territory. To remain legal, I will do your massage if we as consenting adults wish to proceed. If you as my new friend, wish to give me a tip, contribute to the cost of our private space, towels, lubes, lotions, etc. that is always very much appreciated, but never required.


That said, I still get questions from people asking how much they should tip. Unfortunately I legally can’t even specify that. But I can share that it is not uncommon to receive tips of 100 – 300 for about an hour, and 150 – 500 for 90 minutes and up. I can also share it costs almost $100 per day to have a studio, clean linens, and sundry items.


I also have some “friends” that cannot afford to tip or contribute financially at all. This is absolutely fine. Some of my under employed customers are now dear friends. Some have helped me create my videos (while remaining anonymous) and others have reciprocated in other ways. Please feel free to suggest what makes it feel right for you.


I am not doing this for compensation.

I remodel houses as my regular job and it pays well. However, having a private room, building websites, laundry services, lubes, lotions, toys and missed work does come out of my pocket. Human nature and our culture brings forth a notion that “if you do something for me, I need to reciprocate or compensate” to maintain equity. It’s not a law or rule, but more of a sense of peace about preventing the feeling of being indebted, or taking advantage of someone.  If any form of contribution or reciprocation (of your desires) mitigates such feelings, Great! That works for me!


It is important for you to not have to worry about what you “should” do here. I am happy to be able to do this work regardless of financial considerations. So Please, come, relax, enjoy your experience with me, and do not worry about anything. I am immensely rewarded by all the amazing feedback I get about how this has helped improve abilities to orgasm, newfound zest for life, transforming struggling or boring relationships and dozens of other heartfelt expressions of recognition. I can’t wait to hear YOURS!


Here is the address so you can map my location it. If you schedule, I will also automatically send you an email with the address and appointment details. I will include my phone number so you can call or text any questions. My scheduling software will also send you reminder texts. I will not call you, text you, or try to communicate with you unless or until you communicate with me first. My goal is to maintain the highest level of professionalism and discretion.


10015 Lake City Way NE Seattle WA 98125



You are not alone.  We want to make this fun and exciting for you by removing as much uncertainty as possible up front.  The video in this post shows you what a session can look like. Especially the part where we sit down in an office setting and discuss your interests and boundaries prior to entering the massage room.


It is also entirely possible to meet at a public location (there is a chain coffee shop about a mile away from the studio) any time prior to your appointment or even prior to setting an appointment. Just use the button below to schedule a coffee shop meeting.

Click to Schedule

Again this is designed to be a professional experience, so if at any time you wish to terminate the coffee meeting, please feel free to simply say “no thanks, this is not for me, or anything of that nature” and I will respectfully discontinue our conversation.

I’m not here to persuade you into something. In reality it is more like I am here to undo damage that men have caused to you by using pressure, undue or unbecoming  influence or flat out violation. I am here to allow you to practice being able to Ask, Choose, and Be In Control of your experience.

Other Booking Options


60 minute Massage Sessions.


Generally I don’t encourage 60 minute sessions, especially for your 1st few visits. It typically takes a good solid hour for your pelvic nerve to relax enough that you will want touch that might be stimulating.


Until you are completely comfortable with me, I recommend 90 minute sessions. Once you have come a few times you will find you are very easily aroused and the extra time may not be as important.


60 minute or 90 Massage Sessions At your home, Office Hotel or Motel Room – Outcall


This type of session is more time intensive for me with drive time to and from your location as well as time to load and unload my massage table. Please be thoughtful of my time and extra effort in requesting outcall.


Below, after agreeing to our terms and conditions, you will see buttons to schedule a Ladies massage in my Lake city studio or outcall massage where I come to you at your location.


Click or touch the box below to reveal Scheduling buttons

I am a consenting adult, I agree to the terms of service of this site, I am a woman interested in a sexually intimate massage from a man, I am willing to provide a valid email and phone number for scheduling app. Click or touch to Agree.

Schedule a Session at Lake City Studio






Schedule an Out-call Session at your Hotel, Home or other location



​Why does Rocky What He Does

​Why does Rocky what he does

​Behind the man at Seattle Yoni Healing

I this video Rocky answers some common questions he gets from his clients, goes over how he got into this type of work. He brings up 101 ways to please your partner, a video series where Rocky taught women how to doe excellent hand jobs. Rocky then figured he should do one for women. However he didn’t know where to start. Rocky then began to experiment sexually with women, figuring out exactly what makes them tick(or get wet). He began to hear responses from women such as:

“I’ve been raped”

“I’ve never had an orgasm”

“I cant orgasm with men”

After dozens of sessions someone mentioned that he should do this as a business. A voila Seattle Yoni Healing is born.

​Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Rocky answers questions such as:

What do you do for work?

Does your partner know?

How did you get started?

Do I have to be filmed?

How do you discuss boundaries?

What can I expect when I get a massage?

Can I keep my clothes on?

Can you not touch a certain part of my body?

Why do you do this?

Do get aroused while you do a massage?

Do you do Orgasmic Meditation?

My gift is my ability to guide your nervous system

As your pelvic nerve activates, your whole body feels vibrant and alive. Every touch on your skin, anywhere on your body seems to now conduct delightful impulses through your genitals. I am simply obeying the nature of your nervous system. My efforts become the execution of your fantasies (in the context of being touched.) Your desires and my implementation seem to merge into a sense for you that I almost seem to “know” exactly what you want. And Its possible that I might know what you want and need. 

Sexual Adventuring – Interview with a Participant

​Experience a Sexual Adventure

​Sexual Exploration – Interview with a Participant

“Well you know, I think we all explore our bodies as we’re growing up and you learn to be your own best friend of your body. And you get to be in an environment like this where you get to tell somebody in a safe environment. They’re not judging you, they’re there to learn about your body and what helps you connect with your body.” -Client Testimony

[tcb-script charset=”ISO-8859-1″ src=”https://c.sproutvideo.com/lightbox/v1.0.0.js”][/tcb-script]

In this client interview Rocky asks some of his regular clients what they would like to try, are interested in learning about, and what they have learned so far through his lessons and sexual experiences. His two interviewees express a deep trust in Rocky’s guide and go over the learning they have gained through their experiences. They also mention the learning they still want to get to! From sex toys, squirting, anal play, mutual masturbation, to erotic male penetration,  both parties are open minded and open to all kinds of learning. Most importantly, everything is done in a safe and confidential environment that values your needs and personal learning.

​Pleasure Zones

“You are always very open to any suggestions that I had and anything that I still wanted to learn or I had questions about.”

“And that was something I learned, more about different pleasure zones. And I had a lot of experience. I’m in the medical field and, you know, I know about the male anatomy and I know about the female anatomy. But putting it all together and actually knowing what you learn in your books, and then what you do on your own, and then having somebody to explore it with you has been really great.”

​Value of Exploration

Whether you are a girlfriend, wife, or significant other who is looking to spice up your sex life with your husband or boyfriend with new ideas for the bedroom, or a woman looking to learn more about you own body through erotic massage and instruction, there is something of value for you here. If your interested in exploring your sexuality and/or have thought of having a hot sensual massage…

My gift is my ability to guide your nervous system

As your vaginal nerves activate, your whole body feels vibrant and alive. Every touch on your skin, anywhere on your body seems to now conduct delightful impulses through your genitals. I am simply obeying the nature of your nervous system. My efforts become the execution of your fantasies (in the context of being touched.) Your desires and my implementation seem to merge into a sense for you that I almost seem to “know” exactly what you want. And Its possible that I might know what you want and need. 


Female Sensual Massage Session Example Video

Want to get a little bit of an idea of what a female sensual massage might be like for you? This video is an example of one of 100’s of themed massages that you can choose to have done by Rocky Peterson at his Lake City (Seattle) studio. Rocky specializes in providing absolute comfort so that you can relax and be present in your body and sensations. Where most massage is about going through a routine of places to push your muscles around, Rocky first customizes your session to your boundaries and objectives, then with that consent, brings surprise and mystery within your constraints. Rocky’s session is never routine because he is constantly present in what is going on with your body. 

[tcb-script charset=”ISO-8859-1″ src=”https://c.sproutvideo.com/lightbox/v1.0.0.js”][/tcb-script]

Your session will probably not look anything like this.

What makes a sensual massage enthralling is the givers ability to read your body and give it just a little bit less than what it wants. Its not about your genitals. It’s about an experience. Close your eyes and let Rocky slowly guide you around your body in ways you always wish that men would comprehend. You will have plenty of time to savor every millimeter of your skin as it is touched with loving purpose and attention. Your session will consist of what your body wants and needs. You will be amazed by how intuitive Rocky is at tantalizing what seems to be just the right place and at just the right time. You will never feel as if there is any form of hurry or goal. 


This video is one example of a female genital massage, not to accomplish orgasm, but to massage the pelvic floor, to experience touch in a normally erotic place but without an erotic agenda.  A female genital massage doesn’t have to be about one trying to make you climax. The fact is, when the pressure to climax is removed from the equation, your pelvic nerve will come alive in new and exciting ways. This kind of work is fantastic for increasing sensitivity, discovering new levels of pleasure and achieving bigger stronger orgasms.

[tcb-script charset=”ISO-8859-1″ src=”https://c.sproutvideo.com/lightbox/v1.0.0.js”][/tcb-script]

This is a wonderful session to start with if you have never had this kind of massage. (And please don’t ask your Licensed Massage Practitioner to do this for you! It is illegal for them to touch you in this way.)


Your First Visit for Sensual Massage

What is it like to Schedule a Massage with Rocky?

This video walks  you through the steps we go through before a sensual massage can transpire and then an example of a massage tin which the customer brought her vibrator and we incorporated it into her session. Although I don’t necessarily recommend it, it could happen in a first massage if you are comfortable with that. Vibrators certainly don’t intimidate me. I am keenly aware of how well they can help in the event of any of a host of possible distractions. The idea here is, we meet 1st. We talk, you have time to make an evaluation about your comfort in proceeding. This isn’t a situation where you are whisked into a dark room and told to remove your clothing prior to meeting your masseur.  I understand your concerns. I stop at nothing to address every question, every detail that is important to you, BEFORE I ask you if you would like to proceed.

If you are not clearly and completely comfortable during this meeting, I will not even ask you if you want to proceed. I am here for this to be about you. If you are not feeling it, it will not work, you will not relax, your pelvic nerve cannot activate, and proceeding would be counterproductive. 

What does work

First of all, you have an idea in your mind of what you “imagine” a sensual massage could or might be. Every person has differing opinions on what sensual means, what massage means, what erotic means, and all kinds of opinions of even what the word sex means. So to make this work, we have to close the gap in on your vision of what you hope this can all mean for you. We do this when we meet. That allows you to have a high degree of certainty that what I am going to do for you is very close to what you are imagining. The closer I can come to tailoring your first session to YOUR vision, the more you can relax as each phase of the session happens exactly as you are wanting it to happen. With the exception of the little things I do to add mystery and surprise within your boundaries.

What it is like when it happens

You begin any encounter like this fully deactivated by your “vigilance center.” This is that part of your fight or flight nervous system that keeps you safe by keeping you aware of danger. As we talk, your vigilance center begins to give way to safety as you decide that you are safe. As the massage proceeds, I work on the your most unguarded body parts first. Your back, arms, hands, scalp. Next slightly guarded places, your face, ears, neck, shoulders. At each step you will notice a new level of feeling secure in moving away from your vigilance. As I get to your legs and abdomen, your vigilance center will be quieted and your body will be able to feel tingling and arousal. This is the beginning of the pelvic nerve being activated.