“Porn is about what “looks” good…

This site is about what “Feels” good”

WatchOrgasm.Events is your resource for erotic inspiration, education, and information to optimize your love life…

​Experience a Sexual Adventure

​Sexual Exploration – Interview with a Participant

“Well you know, I think we all explore our bodies as we’re growing up and you learn to be your own best friend of your body. And you get to be in an environment like this where you get to tell somebody in a safe environment. They’re not judging you, they’re there to learn about your body and what helps you connect with your body.” -Client Testimony

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In this client interview Rocky asks some of his regular clients what they would like to try, are interested in learning about, and what they have learned so far through his lessons and sexual experiences. His two interviewees express a deep trust in Rocky’s guide and go over the learning they have gained through their experiences. They also mention the learning they still want to get to! From sex toys, squirting, anal play, mutual masturbation, to erotic male penetration,  both parties are open minded and open to all kinds of learning. Most importantly, everything is done in a safe and confidential environment that values your needs and personal learning.

​Pleasure Zones

“You are always very open to any suggestions that I had and anything that I still wanted to learn or I had questions about.”

“And that was something I learned, more about different pleasure zones. And I had a lot of experience. I’m in the medical field and, you know, I know about the male anatomy and I know about the female anatomy. But putting it all together and actually knowing what you learn in your books, and then what you do on your own, and then having somebody to explore it with you has been really great.”

​Value of Exploration

Whether you are a girlfriend, wife, or significant other who is looking to spice up your sex life with your husband or boyfriend with new ideas for the bedroom, or a woman looking to learn more about you own body through erotic massage and instruction, there is something of value for you here. If your interested in exploring your sexuality and/or have thought of having a hot sensual massage…

My gift is my ability to guide your nervous system

As your vaginal nerves activate, your whole body feels vibrant and alive. Every touch on your skin, anywhere on your body seems to now conduct delightful impulses through your genitals. I am simply obeying the nature of your nervous system. My efforts become the execution of your fantasies (in the context of being touched.) Your desires and my implementation seem to merge into a sense for you that I almost seem to “know” exactly what you want. And Its possible that I might know what you want and need.