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​An Interesting Sex Toy

The massage begins with Rocky hand brushing her back, buttocks, shoulders. He teasingly lifts her panties and transitions to brushing her inner legs. His hands aren’t afraid to press against her yoni and get things rolling on a bit. He then reaches for today’s toy. A metal j shaped hook. The ends are rounded balls. He places the end of the toy in between her panties and her yoni and continues his hand massaging. He hips constantly wiggle. He places her legs together then pulls off her panties. Hands hands play a bit with spreading out her yoni. He places a tiny bit of lube along his finger and spreads it along her vagina lips. Next her vagina is spread and his fingers glide the lube along her vagina.

She then lifts her hips which Rocky places his hand along her pelvic area. His palm facing upwards means his fingers are just along her yoni area since she is laying belly down. His fingers tap and press down onto her clitoris. His other hand is slides up and down her vagina. He playfully taps back and forth like tapping to a beat. Then his fingers squeeze her labia together. She’s warmed up now and ready for what’s next.

​Creating Waves of Sexual Enjoyment

Rocky places the toy against select areas of her yoni. Sliding the large end against her.  Placing it up against the entrance of her yoni then back off again. Switching sides he slides it up against her yoni with the small side. It slightly penetrating her with each upwards slide. Her body is beginning to react stronger and stronger to the stimulation. Her hips raise her vagina in the air, rocking it against the toy. He then slowly slides it into her waiting yoni. He places his finger on her clitoris and strums it. Her hips remain active, swaying her vagina around the J toy. He pulls the toy out and has her turn around.

He pours a dab of lube onto her clitoris, then spreads it around with the J toy. He then places to thinner end shallowly into her vagina. He pours more lube and uses his fingers to stimulate her yoni area. She has contractions, tightening her yoni around the J hook. His technique for clitoral pleasure is very varied. He uses one finger taps, one finger strums and the two finger sides pressed strum. He pushes the toy ever so slightly deeper. The pace is consistently gentle, over time the pace quickens then slows down a it. Creating waves of enjoyment.

magic hand, conceptual image with glow on a colored background

​A Relaxing Finish

The larger end is placed inside the entrance of her yoni. Rocky’s fingers continue to strum as he finds a nice spot for the toy to be. He finds that spot when he places the toy against her strummed clit. She lets out an “Oh God”. Rocky then grabs a large headed vibe and places that onto her clitoris. She holds the vibe while Rocky focuses on the J hook and vagina. He plays with the ball, pulling it back against the squeezed entrance of her vagina. She cant handle much more and has a pleasant orgasm.

My gift is my ability to guide your nervous system

As your pelvic nerve activates, your whole body feels vibrant and alive. Every touch on your skin, anywhere on your body seems to now conduct delightful impulses through your genitals. I am simply obeying the nature of your nervous system. My efforts become the execution of your fantasies (in the context of being touched.) Your desires and my implementation seem to merge into a sense for you that I almost seem to “know” exactly what you want. And Its possible that I might know what you want and need.