“Porn is about what “looks” good…

This site is about what “Feels” good”

WatchOrgasm.Events is your resource for erotic inspiration, education, and information to optimize your love life…

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The Best He's Ever Had
What's Included
15 Instructional and follow along videos beginning with:
Whats's going on inside his penis?
How to be in complete control
100's of ways to touch that will drive him crazy with pleasure
How to manage premature ejaculation
How to cause Ejaculation on command
Special video "all Ejaculation Moves" with dozens of ways to make him orgasm
Combo - Best She's Ever Had AND Best He's Ever Had
Get Both Courses and Save
Ideal for couples who want to practice on each other.
Single people can watch what I teach the opposite gender to do on them.
Singles can share with practice buddy.
Membership access never expires.
The Best She's Ever Had
What's Included
At Least 12 Instructional videos beginning with:
Soft Exploration. This will be fun for both of you!
Under Her dress and other videos using clothing to tease her until she is soaking wet and begging you to remove her clothing!
Female Ejaculation. How this kind of work can be so good, she can ejaculate when that's not even what you are trying to make happen.
90 Minute Spa Fantasy. Feed her fantasies while making her feel like a queen.