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​Themes Body Contact Sensual Massage

​Your Voting Becomes Reality

Today’s video has been voted by you. Rocky used to have a page where website visitors could select what themes they wanted to see next in a video. Unfortunately with the closing of the last site that feature has not been incorporated into this one.

The theme is body contact. Rocky will use his entire body in this massage to create what is quite a dominating massage. There is no penetration, no bondage, no rough play however Rocky creates a massage where the client feels small, cared for and vulnerable. This is a very interesting massage. A disclaimer, this is not a massage Rocky usually does with his customers, this was voted by the online viewers as a video they’d like to see next. If you would like to have this type of massage or a more tradition yoni healing massage, click the schedule 90 minute session button down below.

​Rubbing His Penis All Over Her Body

Rocky then does some relaxation work or painting with his hands. Then the first hint of what Rocky is doing in this massage. He lays his upper body on her leg and grasps it with his hands, just for a moment. He repeats this time laying his face on her thigh and hugging it. Some banter back and forth discussing the massage theme helps her relax a bit. Then rocky moves onto the massage table and lays along her back. This is the only video I’ve seen Rocky do this.  He is laying with all his clothes on cuddling her, placin pressure against her yoni area. Rubbing his legs against her legs. Moving his knee in between her legs, against her butt. Moving down putting his body(including his penis) on her leg. Next putting his penis on her feet. He repeats putting his penis on different areas of her body while his clothes are on. Then caressing her ass, using it as a pillow. Rocky is using his entire body as a sensual massage tool.

He then takes his penis out and rubs it on her fac, drags it across her body places it on her hand. He is doing a sensual massage with his penis. He leaves his penis with her hand does some painting(massaging) og her body with his hands. He then has her flip around. Continues placing his penis on her feet, arms, back of her hands. Next he applies some body body against her yonia area, a repeat of what he was doing while she was face down. They cuddle for a few minutes then he goes back to rubbing his penis all over her body. He takes his pants and and again rubs his penis all over her face. Rocky is not doing this for gratification for himself, this is for the client(even if he is enjoying himself). She lets out a slight moan while his cock is on her face. He takes off her bra and continues the penis sensual massage.

What it is like when it happens

Next Rocky is sitting in between her legs with his penis pressed against her vagina. She has her panties still on as he slaps his penis against her vagina and rubs her clit. Her moans are louder now, her yoni is activating, her body is throbbing. Which concludes that section of the video.

As for the next part; Rocky grabs a vibrator and places it on her clitoris with his penis pressed against her vagina. As she gets closer rocky moves the vibrator strongly up and down against her clitoris. By now her panites are comp[lretly soaked, then BOOOM she has a back arching orgasm.

My gift is my ability to guide your nervous system

As your pelvic nerve activates, your whole body feels vibrant and alive. Every touch on your skin, anywhere on your body seems to now conduct delightful impulses through your genitals. I am simply obeying the nature of your nervous system. My efforts become the execution of your fantasies (in the context of being touched.) Your desires and my implementation seem to merge into a sense for you that I almost seem to “know” exactly what you want. And Its possible that I might know what you want and need.