Your First Visit for Sensual Massage

What is it like to Schedule a Massage with Rocky

This video walk you through the steps we go through before a sensual massage can transpire and then an example of a massage that the customer brought her vibrator and we incorporated it into her session. It could happen in a first massage if you are comfortable with that. Vibrators certainly don't intimidate me. I am keenly aware of how well they can help in the event of any of a host of possible distractions. The idea here is, we meet 1st. we talk, you have time to make an evaluation about your comfort in proceeding. This isn't a situation where you are whisked into a dark room and told to remove your clothing prior to meeting your masseur.  I understand your concerns. I stop at nothing to address every question, every detail that is important to you, BEFORE I ask you if you would like to proceed.

From Sensual Massage to Female Ejaculation

I am creating more and more videos all the time to help you get a visual of what a session can be like for you. In this one I was attempting to make 2 videos, one showing just a sensual massage (everything short of removing bra and panties,) and a Happy Ending massage. The HE massage typically begins as a sensual massage, basically as foreplay to the genital contact part. My goal was to show a very gentle Happy Ending, but when a woman's body gives me signals of being really excited, I tend to go with the flow. Every massage is about you, your responses, your orgasm, the way your body want it to happen. So in going with it, this session resulted in going from Sensual to Female Ejaculation. What is notable is the participant in this video didn't think she could orgasm with men before she started creating videos with me. If Female ejaculation intrigues you, let me know. I have at least 100 ways to create "ordinary" orgasms, and about 20 - 40 of them can cause female ejaculation. 

On the softer Gentler side

I Know you are nervous. This is a bold move for you. You want to start slow. I can do that. In this video we begin covered and with bra and panties on. Watch the whole video to really get a sense of how slowly we transition from "what am I doing here? " to "Oh, that is so delicious!" I like this video for first time prospects for another reason,  in this one, prior to her first orgasm, I don't use any toys, I  use very little pressure, and I use very little penetration. However, after her orgasm, we do bring in her vibrator for a very powerful  second orgasm. You could opt out of the second one, But would you want to? 

Want to see something more?

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Please Note.

I Do not Video YOUR session (unless you request it in advance)

What I am showing you here are my instructional videos that I am creating to teach men to do these things for their partners.

Lights will be dimly lit for your session.

I remain fully clothed during your session. (Unless otherwise requested)

I DO NOT expect any form of reciprocation from you. This is your time and all about you.

That does not mean I don't consider requests that involve my body. But I do not ask you if I can receive any pleasure.

If you want me to receive something please let me know. 

I have a 100% no Surprises policy regarding your safety and security. Your session will be as Clinical, Safe, Predictable and Consistent as you wish it to be. But while it that, I hold the space for you to expand YOUR boundaries for your growth and exploration. I receive a great sense of accomplishment and gratitude when you discover yourself because you have been able to trust in me.

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